Tabu e Gebo e a Sombra nos Melhores da Film Comment

Tabu“, de Miguel Gomes, e “O Gebo e a Sombra“, de Manoel Oliveira foram distinguidos pela Film Comment ao estarem presentes, respetivamente, em 11º lugar (numa lista de fimes estreados nos EUA) e em 6º lugar (numa lista de filmes sem distribuição). A lista é liderada pelo bizarro Holy Motors seguido de The Master e Moonrise Kingdom:

TOP 50

1. Holy Motors
2. The Master
3. Moonrise Kingdom
4. This Is Not A Film
5. Amour
6. The Turin Horse
7. The Kid With A Bike
8. Once Upon A Time In Anatolia
9. Lincoln
10. Zero Dark Thirty
11. TABU
12. The Deep Blue Sea
13. Bernie
14. Beasts Of The Southern Wild
15. Cosmopolis
16. Barbara
17. The Loneliest Planet
18. Silver Linings Playbook
19. Oslo, August 31
20. Neighboring Sounds
21. Django Unchained
22. Almayer’s Folly
23. Magic Mike
24. Argo
25. Attenberg
26. The Color Wheel
27. Rust & Bone
28. Killer Joe
29. Looper
30. Life Of Pi
31. A Man Vanishes
32. Skyfall
33. The Gatekeepers
34. Elena
35. Haywire
36. Damels In Distress
37. Abendland
38. Two Years At Sea
39. How To Survive A Plague
40. Keep The Lights On
41. A Burning Hot Summer
42. Miss Bala
43. Footnote
44. Compliance
45. Alps
46. Kill List
47. Farewell, My Queen
48. In Another Country
49. The Dark Knight Rises
50. The Day He Arrives



Gebo and the Shadow

1. Our Children
Joachim Lafosse, Belgium/Luxembourg/France/Switzerland

2. Memories Look at Me
Song Fang, China

3. First Cousin Once Removed
Alan Berliner, U.S.

4. When Night Falls
Ying Liang, South Korea/China

5. Bwakaw
Jun Robles Lana, Philippines

Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal/France

7. differently, Molussia
Nicolas Rey, France*

8. Perret in France and Algeria
Heinz Emigholz, Germany

9. The Extravagant Shadows
David Gatten, U.S.*

10. Three Sisters
Wang Bing, France/Hong Kong

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